12 Things You Most Pack When Traveling to Finland

Packing to go to another country is always stressful, but don’t worry because I have some tips for you. This are some of the things you need when you are traveling to Finland:

  1.  GOOD SHOES: I have found out that even if you buy shoes in your home country, they will work fine in Finland as long as they have a good shoe sole for the winter and that they are made out of a material that does not get easily wet. You will also need Sport Indoor shoes and sport outdoor shoes, if you want to do exercise or go to gym you can not use the same shoes all the time. Generally inside the Finnish houses you will not even need to use shoes, so warm socks are ok.
  2. NORMAL CLOTHES: In  Finland is ok to war normal clothes even during the winter, because all the building have a good calefaction that will allowed you to wear even dresses or skirts as long as you are well cover when you go outside.
  4. WARM HOODY OR SWEATER: Is all about the layers. In Finland you will need many cloth layers, that is what will really keep you warm and cosy. So bring your Sweaters and hoody with you.
  5. AUTUMN / SPRING JACKET: Autumn and Spring are very similar in temperatures, so a light jacket will protect you well from rough winds.
  6. WINTER JACKET: During the Winter you will need something warmer. You don’t need the Rihanna’s yellow blanket. Just bring the warmest Jacket you can find in your country and add some layers of sweaters under that and you will survive.
  7. WINTER PANTS: If you are into winter sports then you will need special pants for that. These pants are always very tick, warm and they are water proof.
  8. WARM PIJAMAS: Nights can get really cold in here, so you ant to be prepared to cover all your body before going to sleep. Get a good pijama and warm socks for those winter nights to come.
  9. HAT AND SCARF: The most important things that you will need when going outside. The hat will keep your head warm and protect your ears from infections, while the scarf protects your neck so you wont get sick.
  10. SUMMER CLOTHES: Not everything is winter and darkness in Finland. There is also good amount of summer and lots of light. Don’t forget to bring your best summer clothes to enjoy the summer.
  11. BOOKS IN YOUR LANGUAGE: You can always find books in almost every language on Finnish libraries, but the selection may not be that big, so I recommend that you bring your favorite books in case you don’t find them here.
  12. YOUR FAVORITE SWEETS: I never come back to Finland if I am not fully charge with my favorite candies from Mexico. You will find that there is a great amount of international goods in Finland but you wont always find those things that you love from home. So bring them with you for those moments when you are feeling homesick.

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